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Portrait Commissions

Immortalizing your loved one through a hand-painted portrait is a wonderful way to celebrate them and preserve a memory to cherish for years to come. 


Portrait commissions are one of my favorite things to paint. I want to simplify the process so you can make an informed decision from the get-go.

Pricing and process:

  • I prefer to pose and photograph the subject myself. However, if that is not possible, I will need you to provide several reference photographs to draw from.

    • We will consult and choose the best fitted one for a portrait (not all pictures make good paintings!).


  • A photo session (only for painting refernce purposes) is included in the price, unless travel outside of Miami-Dade county is required.

  • I require a signed contract and a 50% deposit to start the painting process.

  • Rates may vary slightly due to complexity of the subject matter

Here are the basic prices for single oil portraits (US Dollars):


8"x10" - $600

9"x12" - $650

11"x14" - $750

12"x16" - $1,000

16"x20" - $1,200


18"x24" - $2,000

20"x20" - $2,000

24"x30" - $2,500

24"x36" - $3,000

30"x36" - $3,500

24"x48" - $4,000

30"x40" - $4,500


36"x48" - $5,000

40"x48" - $5,500

48"x48" - $6,000

48"x60" - $7,000

60"x60" - $7,500

60"x72" - $8,000

Here are the basic prices for single pastel portraits (US Dollars):


9"x12" - $500

12"x15" - $700

16"x20" - $1000


19"x25" - $1500

If you wish to include the whole figure on a smaller canvas, have multiple people in the painting, or have any other inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me.

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